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“It is really an honour to be a student of such great personality. He is knowledgeable in his domain and puts his sincere effort for our learning too – that is really appreciating. He makes sure that the concepts are well understood. He guides and leads. I am a beginner in this field but I see a great future with such a mentor, thank you Nagabhushan. ”

Pavan H R

“As a trainee Mr Nagabushan sir, was extraordinary because he was a resource person as well as friendly by nature. He is such a knowledgeable person that I really gained a lot from him. The training was really useful for me as I learnt so much from it. Thank you. ”


“What I got is confidence in trading. That`s the most important learning for me. When you surrounded by environment with so much negativity related with stock market and every one on TV tell you the stock market is risky and you can lost all your fortune in it in such condition Nagabhushan Sir come as ray of hope. I really appreciate the way he teach any topic. As far as charts are concerns detailing is more important along with context. Sir is master explaining it. Apart from regular classes we have a group of all students. Group help me to get more ideas, revise concepts and sir contribute for all the queries asked on the group. Along with continuous support I have to dedicate myself to get most of it. I am confident I will be a successful trader and will get continuous guidance from sir. Thank you very much. ”


“I attended Technical Analysis class 5 months before, and i dint had a clue about stock market. Sir helped me a lot, and gave me knowledge about it, goal of trading is not only making profits but to know and cover your risk. ”

Bhargava MS

“I am really delighted to have got the opportunity to get trained by Nagabhushan. His specialty is that he gets to the level of student & from there he train him/ her. He has vast knowledge and experience of the markets. Even I have followed his recommendations and watched few stocks, it was great to say they behaved similarly. i was very comfortable getting trained by him. Each and every concept was thoroughly covered & taught with deep understanding. So, all in all It was really great getting trained by him. Now I need to practice to get better on this. Thank you so much Nagabhushan. ” 


“It was great to learn technical analysis. I was completely new to this field. Today I’m very confident to trade in stock markets. Overall it was a fantastic experience. ”

Chaya Muniraju

“Training from Nagabhushan has proved very helpful for me. He has excellent knowledge in trading. His insights about probable pitfalls is more mathematically tuned. His teaching is also quite easy to catch up. He always emphasizes on learning the basics and fundamentals of trading. I was new to trading initially and was quite skeptical. I have made significant profits from the beginning. I have recommended my friend also, he has also made good profits. He will not only advise, but also provide frequent new training classes to keep the group engaged. I would rate Nagabhushan as an expert trading consultant. 10 out of 10 rating! “


“His train training has helped me to understand stock in dept with few secret formulas which has made me to understand overall technical strength of the stock / market. He is has dept knowledge about stock market and has very good teaching skill to make it understand from very basic level. ”


“Wonderful session i had on stock market trading on cash market, f&o, commodity markets, the highlight of the session is focused on very sensible studies along with technical graphs, and formulas which really helped me to understand and take judgement on my trades which will surely result in minimize the loss and gain profits. The directions can be judged very clear with logic. I strongly recommend for one and all interested in making success thru a strategic approach in the stock market. My wishes to Mr. Nagabushan to have all success. ”  


“Training and contents covered was quiet useful and interesting, will definitely help during trading to take decisions after technical analysis of stocks. Can be recommended to others. ”


“Never thought stock market trading is easy but after taking Technical analysis from Nagabhushan trading stock market is easy. His training is great. He explains everything even the complicated trading stuffs in simple terms. Thanks a lot. ”


“Really Superb, his classes helps a lot to improve our knowledge in stock market, similarly you can start earning by his advisory services also. My heart-full wishes for your better future sir. Thanks a lot Sir. ”

Lokesh K

“I undertook Technical analysis training from him and being a novice in stock market trading, I got the right guidance from him. He has in depth knowledge about stock market, great teaching skills and is very patient. ”

Deepti Desai

“It was a great experience, I am learning many new things about trading. Before attending the class I was trading without any plan and analysis. ”


“Mr.Nagabhushan’s training skills are awesome Have seen 8 of 10 predictions worked in real time scenarios. After his training I was able to do the technical analysis of stocks and do good profits. I am looking forward for Next level training session. ”

Purushotham Bm

“Regarding trainer, Nagabhushan , he is really cool, down to earth,genuine person even though he has vast experience in markets. He always speaks about capital preservation and make you to understand your mistakes. You can find very hardly these kind of persons who teach you like this. He always insist on completing hands on before attending the next session and gives you enough time to understand systems or methods. I really like it and it helps you to understand the system in and out and he provides instant clarifications for all your doubts. Regarding course content,systems which are explained in this course are well back tested,simple to understand and to execute if followed with discipline. Course fee is very very nominal thing compared to value, what you are getting by completing the course. We might have read or heard that 95% people lose money in share market. Yes, you can be in remaining 5% if you take the course.I am assure about this. The course offered by Nagabhushan is excellent & has simple and easy methods to understand which requires discipline to implement and see the results. It was a wonderful learning experience. This is really a much needed lessons if you want to be a successful trader This course gives you all the inputs for making consistent money in markets, finally it is up to us to follow systems with discipline. Thanks a lot Nagabhushan from bottom of my heart. ”

Harish Ranganath

“His approach to the subject is very practical with a strong theoretical background. I liked it because my classes was more or less one on one and purely of open discussion with structured and well defined topics. So I would recommend all to go with an open mind to the class and he shall guide you to the correct part. Thanks again Nagabhushan all the best for your future endeavors.  ”


“After searching via google for good share trading class, I found Mr Nagbhushan. I could attend these classes during my vacation in India, I told Mr Nagbhushan regarding the time constraints. I am technical back ground and have no detailed knowledge of commerce. He thought me trading in such a simplified manner. The main thing I liked about Nagbhushan is, while he teaches you, he ensures that you understand the concept. Initially I thought of trading on part time basis, after attending his classes, I found trading has huge potential to make money, which can be taken on full time basis. I have made it a point to attend all his advanced trading classes during my next Vacations. ”  


“The way he explains trading is awesome. Teches by Giving. Live trading examples. Post completion of course I got good confident on trading and left job and taken trading as career. I am happy now as I am earning more than what I was earning while I was in job. Thanks Nagbhushan for helping me to build career in trading. ”

Vijay Kumar B

“He is very good in technical analysis. Deep knowledge in charts and market idea. He made me to understand basics of all. Now i can independently know when to enter and exit of particular stock. He make you to follow trade discipline which is required for stock market. Good teacher too because he has patience to make u understand. Finally I am happy with his course module and his teaching. ”


“I have attended Technical analysis training with Nagabhushan. He is professional in his approach, give real time examples of trading. His knowledge in stock market is commendable. He is very flexible in timing of classes. He is a good listener and answers every question in detail. He deep dives into the market and make sure that everybody understands it. If we follow his guidelines, we will definitely make good returns. We would be in a position to write technical report and build trading system on our own. Post completion of training. I wish him continue his service and also wish him all the best. ”  

Thavasinathan Durairaj

“As a begginer if you dont get the right guidance on the trading we will end up losing all our hard earned money. Fortunately that was not the case with me as this training helped me identify my strenghts and weakness which is very essential to bigin with.The initial rush to make money is where we stumble. Seldom does any trainer think about how a student is making after the trading ,in this case the feedback that i received and the lessons ive learnt though the able guidance is what makes this training awesome .I hope this training does the same thing with the other ambitious people who are willing to earn money over trading.. Thanks a lot for guiding me to the right path.. “


“Mr. Nagabhushan is a well educated and well qualified trainer. He has a great relevant experience and knowledge in the field. Most important is, he has not taken up the training profession as his one of the sources of income. But considers it as educating people and helping them making their carrier safe and strong. My personal experience was actually great with him. More than just a training session, it was a friendly learning class from him. He never hesitates to transfer his immense knowledge to us. Moreover, he is always our satisfaction oriented. If at all we have any queries or issues in understanding & if we want his help out of the session also, he always welcomes us. So overall, I would not take a second thought to rate him 5 stars. “

Jeshwanth V G

“Nagabhushan Sir is extremely passionate about his subject and is very good teacher. He is very clear in explaining and encourages his students to learn and grow while practicing. He shares all the secrets of trading in simple terminology. I greatly benefited from the training. You should certainly train under him.  “


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