We had an opportunity to have a detailed discussion with Harish Ranganath, who happens to be one of the early students of our Training batch. His success and early lessons has inspired many new comers.

1)A brief introduction of yourself
Hi, My name is Harish, I am a graduate of Visvesvaraya University. Did my engineering in Mechanical discipline also Master’s in Tool design. Currently working as a product development engineer working for MNC. From 2015 i started learning about stock market and investing. From mid 2016 I started derivative trading.

2)How did you get into trading/investing in stock markets?
It’s an interesting story why I wanted to learn stock markets. Well, in my office most my friends were investing and trading. I thought of approaching them to know more about investing and trading. But none of them didn’t share anything related to stock market. Then I decided to learn first followed by investing and trading.

3)What were your early misconceptions about the market?
I didn’t have any… as i was very much curious to learn and know more about stock market.

4)Is training in trading/investing in stock markets necessary to succeed?
Yes anything for that matter training and mentoring is very much required. Else it will be difficult to sustain in the market.

5) A lot of people fail in the initial stages of learning stock markets? How was your experience?
Since i came from engineering background and had zero knowledge on stock market. I was very much curious and i was eager to learn and explore this new area, it was very interesting. People fail because they lack patience and they want make or earn money overnight which is not a good approach. Also, one needs lot of practice in analysing the stock and interpreting the charts. I believe stock market analysis is an art not a rocket science.

6)What was your biggest loss to date?
Trade details attached in Excel sheet.
Harish Trades

7)Highest Profits? Next, Total Profits earned till date?
I will be attaching my trade details in excel sheet which is extracted for last two months. Performance has been more or less very similar over last months.
Harish Trades

8)What are your tips for new comers in the market?
For new comers my only suggestion is to learn first from a person who is available for you anytime and who has good knowledge on stock market also who is a true mentor. After learning try to practice and do some paper trade. Once you gain confidence then you start investing in small capital. There is a lot of difference between paper trade and actual trade. So I suggest for new comers to start investing with small capital.

9)What do you intend to achieve by trading/investing in stock markets?
I trade for a living but my ultimate goal is to become a successful investor.

About Nagabhushan

I am trainer and research analyst at CapitalVeda Financial Research, Apart from writing research reports on technical and fundamental analysis of stocks, I am very passionate to teach and impart knowledge on capital markets to deserving candidates willing to learn and make profits. I am also a farming enthusiast and love to work on real life farming challenges. Enjoy travelling a lot. Trading, Investing and Travelling makes a great career combination. Isn’t it!

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