Advanced Derivative Course

Futures and options represent two of the most common form of “Derivatives”. Derivatives are financial instruments that derive their value from an ‘underlying asset’.

By trading in derivatives, you can always:

  • Hedge your positions – Protect your positions from going in loss
  • Lesser Capital, Higher Profits
  • Flexibility – Options can be used in a wide variety of strategies, from conservative to high- risk, and can be tailored to more expectations than simply “the stock will go up” or “the stock will go down.
  • Limited Risk. A risk is limited to the option premium (except when writing options for a security that is not already owned).

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Students
  • Corporate Executives
  • Analysts
  • Employees of Brokers & Sub-Brokers
  • Anybody having interest in Share Markets

Course Details

Instructional Methods: One to One, Group, Online
Courseware: PDF (to be shared)
Prerequisites: Own Laptop
Duration: 24 Hours (10 modules for 2.2 hours Timings  can be flexible as per trainer and customer work schedule)
Level: Beginners-Intermediate

Course Overview

Module 1 – 2

A Quick Recap-Application of Technical Analysis to Options

  • Application of technical analysis to markets dealing in equities, commodities, and Forex.
  • Identification of trend and its duration & evaluating statistical tools like Trend Lines, chart patterns, Fibonacci retracements, Moving averages, and Oscillators.
Module 3

Futures Terminologies

  • Margin & respective lot sizes (Nifty, Bank Nifty & individual stocks)
  • Mark to Market (MTM)
  • Long Futures
  • Short futures
  • Hedging
  • Speculation
  • Arbitrage
Module 4 – 5

Understanding Option Terminologies like:

  • Strike price
  • Intrinsic Value
  •  Time Value
  • In the money options
  • At the money options
  • Out of the money options
  • Understanding of Option Greek terms like:
  • Delta
  • Gamma
  • Theta
  • Vega
  • Rho
  • How to use Options Greek calculator to select the right strike price for profitable trades
  • Practical experience/exercises of trading in Nifty & Bank Nifty using option strategies
Module 6 – 7 – 8

How to trade using Option Strategies like:

  • Long Call
  • Short Call
  • Synthetic Long Call
  • Long Put
  • Short Put
  • Covered Call
  • Long Combo
  • Protective Call
  • Covered Put
  • Long Straddle
  • Short Straddle
  • Long Strangle
  • Short Strangle
  • Collar
  • Bull Call Spread Strategy
  • Bull Put Spread Strategy
  • Bear Call Spread Strategy
  • Bear Put Spread Strategy
  • Long Call Butterfly
  • Short Call Butterfly
  • Long Call Condor
  • Short Call Condor
Module 9 – 10

Option Hedging Strategies:

  • Iron Condor
  • Conservative Directional Strategies
  • Conservative Non Directional Strategies

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